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Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name’s Marc Young and I’m a  Photographer & Art Director based in Montreal,Canada. I put my body, mind and soul fully into making my workshops the best experience possible to all participants, and there’s nothing more satisfying to me than knowing that they’ve had a special and fulfilling trip, and have awesome shots to show for it.

For the models

It is a dream opportunity to work in extraordinary sites, in a different atmosphere. In addition to having beautiful photos for your port folio

MUA, stylist, hairdresser

it is the perfect moment to showcase your talent in a professional context in the most beautiful natural scenery on the planet while enhancing your folio.

For photographers

Photographing Beautiful Models in Beautiful Landscapes This event is for everyone at all skill levels of photography, being just a hobby or for full-time photographers who just want a great opportunity to build their portfolio.

Fabulous Photoshoot Las Vegas 2018

October 27,28,29, 2018

Fashion – Beauty – Glamour – Portraits – Creative – Art

Seulement $475.00 cad

inclus: 3 jours d’atelier, transport sur place pour les ateliers.frais d’entree pour les parcs nationaux
non inclus: hebergement, transport, repas, spectacle

Programmation Las Vegas Photo Workshop 2018

Déjeuner libre.

Départ 09 :00 pour Shooting Red Rock avec boîtes à lunch pour le dîner.

Retour à l’hébergement vers 15:00. Temps de repos.

Souper et Spectacles sur Fremont St – Spécial Halloween

Départ 09 :00 pour Nielsen Shooting. Dîner sur la route.

Retour à l’hébergement vers 17 :00.

Temps de repos.

Souper et Spectacles sur la Strip. (Réservation recommandée)

Départ 09 :00 pour Valley of Fire Shooting avec boîtes à lunch pour le dîner.

Retour à l’hébergement vers 15 :00.

Rock n Nude Shooting (optionnel) 16:00

Temps de repos.

Souper et Spectacles sur la Strip (réservation recommandée)

Discover the Beauty

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Las Vegas workshop photo gallery

Q. What are the types of photographers who participate?

R. The workshop is for all the levels photographers want to learn and to take advantage to photograph exceptional models. The experimented photographers want to update their portfolio.

Q. What is the ratio photographer / model?

R. This event is a program of three days. The ratio can vary according to the registrations.

Q. Am I going to live a situation where everybody will take the same photos as me?

R. The event is structured so as to allow the photographers in the program of three days to work individually with every model for an equal quantity of time.

Q. What kind model release owes your sign?

R. The models are going to sign a standard model release indicating that these images can be used for any promotion by the photographer and the model. All other arrangement can be taken between the models and the photographers on an individual basis, as long as these arrangements do not interfere with the availability of the models during the event.

Q. What equipment do I need?

R. Your cameras, lenses, memory cards / tripod, reflectors, flash, ring road(peripheral) of portable storage, it is for the discretion of every photographer. You will be responsible for your equipment.

Q. Will have of the nudity there?

R. No, unofficially, it is not a naked event. Certain models are going to choose to pose in lingerie and d other will agree to make it naked. For every photographer the model has a right to refuse to pose if she (it) is not comfortable. I ask that the photographers did not make pressure on the models for any reason, as I am sure that you can understand. Some are there to make some fashion only. I want that each models has a very pleasant moment, with great people

Q. Do I have to stay in the official hotel?

R. No Every photographer will be responsible for their transport towards the places of meeting of the event at the hour indicated. If you stay in another hotel, it will be of your responsibility and we are going to leave at the hour planned for the location of the day.

Q. Do the models receive a copy of photos for their time?

R. Yes. The photographer is going to hand a digital copy of photos to the model. I encourage you to exchange your coordinates. And  establish with the model the way that you go to proceed.

Q. What is the amount of time of shooting according to the time of instruction?

R. the training is given onto the ground is a practical workshop, and it is mainly photoshoot, I will adjust according to the needs for the group and for the individuals. The days begin towards 6 or 7 Am to end in the middle of after noon it is as well possible to organize a night-session if there is interest.

Q. What is that the transport costs and d accommodation are included?

  1. No every participant is responsible of their transport and accommodation, we can help you to find somebody to share the accommodation,