Free for All Halloween 2023

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Hello, yet another great adventure with the free for all gang, rainy and cold day, only the tough ones came to brave miss weather. A big thank you to the organizer Jean-Frédéric Mongeon.
Free for all at the Olympic Park 2023 I had the great pleasure of participating in this event organized by Jean-Frédéric Mongeon. Lots of nice encounters with great people. Once again maximum pleasure. A big thank you to everyone for this day.
The Lady Elf Project I had the huge pleasure of participating in this project, with extraordinary people. Mari-Julie who had this initiative to create her Elf look, her Boyfriend who served as my Sherpa, as well as Marky another photographer who participated in the event. Here are some photos, I had fun creating the ambiance and effect. I hope you like them THANKS Mark
Once again the magic strike, working with Christine is pure pleasure, initially the theme was the countryside, a hold house and the theme takes another form. I let you discover the photos I hope you will like them Thank you Marc
I’ve owned my mustang for several years now, without ever having taken pictures with it. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have an answer. So the idea takes place and I decide to take action. What could be better than a pretty model to show off my mustang. Latinsant was a great discovery for me and an amazing role model to work with.
A photo shoot with Black Mamba is a huge pleasure. She has a very creative side and an adoration for nature which makes my work as a photographer very interesting.
A beautiful day, a beautiful model, what better way to take a photoshoot, Inspiration Come easily and the results are there. Christine is an experienced model which makes it easy for us. I had the pleasure of shooting with her in the pass, and I am very happy to do it again and I promise you there will be more See You soon
November 15, 2020
A DIFFERENT AUTUMN ... Thinking outside the box, trying new treatments and taking risks, that's also artistic photography. In fact, the treatment I apply to these images is not entirely new ... I often experience it with my own personal touch. Why in the fall? Because I find the fall colors particularly suitable for this type of image. My model Nancy did a remarkable job in this photo shoot, You will find pictures taken recently in a small park in Montreal Hope you will like it Thank you
It was supposed to be a nice glamour photoshoot, instead Mother Nature decided differently, we had rain all day. We decided to do it under the rain, no flash, only naturel light. I experiment high ISO to compensate. Result are not that bad, thanks to my model Veronique and my assistant Bianca. Enjoy the photo Marc
C'est dans le secteur du Vieux-Montréal que cette belle session de photo avec Véronique a eu lieu. Une toute première fois à travailler avec cette charmante demoiselle qui a joué les mannequins dans ce lieu où les grafittis et la verdure font bon ménage. Au fil de la journée, on pouvait être témoin de sa passion de jouer devant la caméra.
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